A Closer Look At The Book Umbrella’s Novel Studies

All of The Book Umbrella’s novel studies follow the same format, though there is some differentiation between our ‘regular’ novel studies and our ‘junior’ novel studies (see below). Here is what you and your students can expect when working with a Book Umbrella novel study.




Cover Page

Each novel study includes a title page for student use.
Before Reading Worksheet

Students look for context clues and make predictions based on the front and back covers of the novel.
Author Research Worksheet

Students do some brief research into the author of the novel.
BUnovelstudies_characterchartCharacter Chart For keeping track of the novel’s cast of characters; recording important facts about them and drawing their portrait.


Vocabulary and Comprehension Worksheets
In Book Umbrella novel studies, the chapters are grouped into sections that are more manageable for study. Each section will have two worksheets for building vocabulary and two worksheets for practising comprehension skills included in the novel study.

Dictionary Detective!
Six challenging words picked from the text of each section of the novel for students to study. On this worksheet, students practice their dictionary skills by looking up the words and recording their definitions.

Vocabulary Study
There are three variations of this page used in our novel studies.

a) Students match the six vocabulary words to their definitions, then complete fill-in-the-blank sentences using those words.

b) Students match the six vocabulary words to their definitions, then write their own sentences using those words.

c) Students match the six vocabulary words to their synonym, then choose between two vocabulary words to use in a series of sentences.

The “Vocabulary Study” page always includes a short question at the end called “A Little Extra!”. This question usually relates to language or writing in some way: figures of speech, parts of speech, literary genres, etc.


Understanding the Story

This page focuses on the students’ comprehension of the story. It poses two multiple choice questions, a short answer question and a long answer question. This page also includes an “A Little Extra!” question which usually is a text-to-self question that has students voice an opinion, relate an experience or share their emotional response to the events of the story.
Chapter Summary
Students indicate their comprehension of the story by summarizing the events of the section and responding to them. There is also a question that introduces symbolism by asking students to draw a picture of something that represents the section.
Time for a Test!
A two page end-of-book test. The first page consists of nine multiple choice questions. The second page usually includes three short answer questions and two long answer questions.
Reading Log
A chart that students can use year-round to record the novels they read.
Answer Key
Answer keys are provided for all “Vocabulary Study” and “Understanding the Story” worksheets.
Common Core Standards
A page for teachers which outlines the Common Core standards met by the novel study.



The Book Umbrella’s ‘junior’ novel studies for younger readers follow much the same format as outlined above, with a few layout and content changes:

  • Different fonts and page designs.
  • More illustrations.
  • Vocabulary study pages are all in the same format with three short exercises: a synonym match-up, fill-in-the-blank sentences and sentence composition.
  • No reading log.